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Mini-Split offerings:

And many more! If you don't see your brand of choice listed, give us a call. Chances are, if they make it, we can get it!!
Why Choose Fontaine-Repair?
The state of New Jersey has many contractors to choose from. There are several factors that come into play as you go through the decision making process. Here are just a few reasons why our customers have made us one of the top rated contractors in the state!

"We're not handymen":
You may see a sign on a truck that John Q Plumber also installs central A/C or heating. We're a dedicated heating and air conditioning company. Although there is something to be said about the one stop shop company that can do it all; we prefer to specialize in our field and that makes us proficient at what we do. You wouldn't go to a general practitioner physician for brain surgery. You go to a brain surgeon. We pride ourselves on sticking to what we know. After all, in a field as broad as HVAC, even dedicating all our time to just one trade we're still constantly training ourselves and learning new aspects of an ever growing trade!

Accurate diagnosis: 
When it comes to troubleshooting, accurate diagnosis is paramount! Repairing the correct part, the first time, is our goal on every job. If our repair doesn't solve your issue, you don't pay! *Call for details

Low pressure sales:
Many large companies would rather employ sales people than true technicians. How many times has a tech come out and say the unit is "shot," or "can't be repaired." Many times this is either totally inaccurate, or falsely diagnosed. This is a sales tactic that is taught to pressure a customer who has no heating or cooling into purchasing a new unit on the spot. There are situations when it is true that a unit may be beyond repair, but don't be fooled! At Fontaine-Repair we believe that this is a last resort and prefer to let the customer decide for themselves whether a performable repair is within reason, or not. Some of the deciding factors are: Age of unit, overall condition of unit, cost of repair, and time table to repair. 

Furnace Efficiency up to 98%!
Cooling Efficiency up to 19 SEER!
WI-FI Communicating Thermostats to optimize efficiency and performance!